The Year 2015

At Stall Europa we try to constantly improve our mare base and you will see announcements to that effect. When we first got started with Dutch Warmbloods, Willy Arts from DG Bar was instrumental in providing good broodmares for our fledgling program. This relationship continues and we have to thank Willy for one of  our later broodmares  Volimbria, a mare that has already produced three very good foals for us.

Kadence Keur Preferent (Wanroij x Volkmar), bred by DG Bar Ranch. Kadence is a once in a life-time mare who finished No. 2 in the country for Star Mares, and 4th place with her performance test (IBOP) for Keur.

Kadences Foals:

  • Nike, her first foal, was No. 1 in the country and now competes at FEI levels of dressage.
  • Rica Veneziana - 1998 filly by the Trakehner stallion Veneziano (deceased) finished No. 1 in the auxiliary Studbood Inspection as a 3-year old.
  • Showbiz - 1999 filly by Broere Jazz, 1st premium
  • Terro S. E. - 2000 colt by Olympic Ferro was 5th in the country - (sold to Susan Kessler)
  • Uno S. E. - 2001 colt by Metall finished 2nd in the country - (sold to Teresa Lewis-Keenan) 
  • Aloha S. E. - 2005 filly by Sir Sinclair, 1st premium - (sold to Lisa Dickman)
  • - Dolce Vita S. E. - 2008 filly by Sinatra Song - (sold to Molly Armentrout)
  • - Ellington S. E. - 2009 colt by Soprano - (sold to James Houston)
  • Kadence was retired from breeding in 2010.

Natuur Ster Preferent by Wanroij and out of Tolinda Keur Pref by Oran Keur, bred by DG Bar Ranch, has been our most consistent producer of top quality horses.

Classified a Gelderlander mare, Natuur came in 5th in the country for conformation for Star.

Natuurs Foals:

  • Venetto S. E. - 2002 colt by Veneziano – 2nd place Top Ten aux. foals - (sold to Melissa Martell) 
  • Waterford S. E. - 2003 colt by OO Seven – 2nd place Top Ten - (sold to Aviva Nebesky)
  • Zorba S. E. - 2004 colt by OO Seven - 3rd place Top Ten - (sold to Lori Larson)
  • Ad Lib S. E. - 2005 colt by Rousseau - 5th place Top Ten - (sold to Angela Di Lorio Evans) 
  • Bardot S. E. - 2006 filly by Florencio - 5th place Top Ten
  • - Cosmo S. E. - 2007 colt by Sir Donnerhall - (sold to Nancy Barnes)
  • - Goodman S. E. - 2011 colt by Jazz Pref. - (sold to James Houston)
  • Natuur was retired from breeding in 2012.

Volimbria by Contango Keur and out of Colimbria Keur Pref.(bred by DG-Bar Ranch)

The bloodlines of this mare speak for themselves. Stall Europa is very excited to have her in our barn, and we look forward to many good foals out of her.

  • Beckett S. E. - 2006 1st premium colt by Rhodium - (sold to Nancy Barnes)
  • - Dateline S. E. - 2008 1st premium filly by Hotline - (sold to Lisa Dickman)
  • - Eccobria S. E. - 2009 filly by Sandro Hit - (sold to Jaime Topinka Nunn)
  • - Goldenbria S. E. - 2011 filly by Jazz Pref. - (sold to Nancy Barnes)
  • - Jerry Garcia S. E. - 2014 colt by Charmeur (sold to Rebecca Cowden)

Showbiz, 1st premium mare by Broere Jazz and out of Preferent mare Kadence.

  • Waterloo S. E., 2003 black colt by OO Seven, 3rd in the country - (sold to Amy Miller)
  • - Carrera S. E. - 2007 black filly by Florencio - (sold to Victoria Holstein-Childress)
  • - Daimler S. E. - 2008 black colt by OO Seven - 3rd place Top Ten - (sold to Lori Larson)
  • - Enya S. E. - 2009 brown filly by Soprano - (sold to Lori Fabian)
  • - Hollywood S. E.  - 2012 brown filly by Ampere - 5th in the country
  • - Jezebel S. E.  - 2014 filly by Everdale (sold to A.J. Stapleton)


Bardot S. E. - Ster and Keur elligible mare by Florencio and out of Star Preferent mare Natuur.

    - Flash Gordon S. E. - 2010 colt by Sir Donnerhall, 4th in the country

    - Jolene S. E. - 2014 filly by Everdale (sold to Cindy Guitar)

Rica Veneziana

Rica Veneziana by Veneziano and out of Kadence Keur Pref

This mare finished first in the country in the Aux. Studbook Inspection

Rica Veneziana's Foals:

  • Wally Windsor S. E. - 2003 filly by Contester - (sold to Pat Chandler)
  • Zio Rico S. E. - 2004 colt by Rousseau, 1st premium - (sold to Susan Jacobs)
  • Bella Rica S. E. - 2006 filly by Contango -(sold to Dr. Vito Del Vento)
  • - Divo Ricco S. E. - 2008 colt by Johnson, 1st premium - sold
  • - Enrico S. E. - 2009 colt by Florencio, 1st premium - (sold to Cheree Nichole)

Rica Veneziano is now owned by Susan Jacobs who is giving her more attention and love than I could have ever managed here.  They are starting to compete very successfully and I look forward to bragging about their results.


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