The Year 2015

Every now and then we at Stall Europa like to brag about our kids, and what better forum than our own website!  Of course getting the prestigious KWPN-NA Breeder of the Year award for 2007 is on top of the list, but then this wouldnt have happened without our mares and offspring doing well.  So this page is about our horses and their accomplishments over the years, or as we like to say the reason were doing this year after year!. 

Lets start with a big Thank You to Willy Arts from DG Bar Ranch.  He has been my mentor for years and without him I certainly wouldnt be where I am with my breeding program.  He helped me get started with some quality Dutch mares that he had bred and continued to be available for my many questions regarding bloodlines, stallions, etc. etc. 


Kadie 2

Kadence with her 2009 colt by Soprano

With that said, my first Star has to be Kadence (Wanroij x Volckmar), a Keur Preferent mare who has consistently produced quality offspring.  Almost every one of her foals ended up in the Top Ten of the KWPN-NA and I have kept two of her daughters, Rica Veneziana and Showbiz,  in my breeding program with good success.


Natuur with her 2006 filly by Florencio

Natuur (Wanroij x Oran) is my Ster Gelders mare who continues to give me equisite foals that have finished in the Top Five for five years in a row!  This girl gives all of her kids a powerful rear end and her incredible work ethic and character,  Her daughter Bardot S. E. by Florencio will become part of my broodmare band once shes done some under-saddle showing.

Bardot S. E. just received her Ster predicate and is Keur elligible, so now Natuur will get her Preferent title!!

Stall Europa now has two Preferent mares that were both born in the USA! Life is good!

Waterloo S. E. by OO Seven and out of Showbiz by Jazz, was one of the reasons Stall Europa received the KWPN-NA Breeder of the Year award.  He went to Willy Arts at DG Bar as a late 2-year old and then proceeded to win USDF Horse of the Year as a 3-year old.  In 2007 and as a 4-year old he qualified for the FEI Young Horse Championships in Lexington, KY, where he proceeded to win the warm-up with an 8.14, and the finals with a whopping 8.62!!!  His marks were as follows -  8.5 for the trot, 8.6 for the walk, 8.7 for the canter, 8.5 for submissiveness, and an 8.8 for general impression.   

Waterloo FEI

The winner!  Waterloo S. E. wins the 4-year old FEI Young Horse Championships in Lexington, KY in 2007!  Waterloo S. E. is by OO Seven and out of Showbiz (Jazz x Wanroij).

Waterloo FEIweb1

Siegi is very happy with the winning horse and rider.

Waterloo FEIweb

Rider and trainer Willy Arts, without whom this wouldnt have happened.

In 2009, Stall Europa had two of their kids qualify for the FEI National Championships that were held at Lamplight Equestrian Center in Wayne, IllWaterloo S. E. came back for the tough 6-year old classes, while new kid on the block Zorba S. E. by OO Seven and out of Natuur (Wanroij) gave it a go in the 5-year old tests. 

When all was said and done, our kids had made us proud again.  Waterloo S. E. who is now fortunate to be owned by Amy Miller came in at 5th place,  while Zorba S. E. received a respectable 10th place amidst very tough competition. 


Here they are.....

Zorba S. E. on the left during his honor round

Waterloo S. E. with Amy Miller getting congratulated by Mary Phelps




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